About the Estrie-Richelieu Group

Serving nearly eleven thousand five hundred members, the Estrie-Richelieu Group, insurance company, is a mutual insurance company for damages. Development across Quebec, products and specialized services and financial strength to ensure agriculture the availability of a high quality service both now and for the future.

Who owns the Estrie-Richelieu Group, mutual agricultural insurance ?

Using the Quebec agricultural community, it belongs to its insured members. At the Annual General Meeting, equip the members of a board of directors, responsible for promoting the cause and continue the mission. The latter is responsible for the administration of mutual and its decisions, it is the force vive Group.

What is the main advantage of being a member ?

Benefit from an insurance high quality service dedicated to agriculture and deployed by a team of professionals.

What will be its focus in the coming years ?

Estrie-Richelieu intends to firmly implant in serving a greater share of the Quebec agricultural community while evaluating the possibility of expanding its horizons.

The success of the Estrie-Richelieu Group

His success is not by chance but rather the direct result of choices he has given over the decades. With its team of fifty employees and its strong financial position, become a member is certainly an asset to any farm.